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Thursday, August 4, 2011

TOKO ONLINE : Dijual Berbagai Jenis Lampu Kamera Video Shooting (Camcorder)

Product Description
Ultra bright video light the brightest way to light the picture without the heat. Uses 36 LED's 50 times brighter than standard bulbs

This review is from: Sima SL-20LX Ultra Bright Video Light (Black) (Electronics)
I paid about $30 for this light. It charges fast, works way longer than other lights in this price range, IT DOES COME with the bracket to mount it on your tripod threads. A little cheap, but made of metal and quite useful. My camcorder has a widescreen display and you can angle the bracket forward so the light will not hit the screen. I got this so I could record in fairly low-light conditions, the kids, etc. Does what I need for cheap. **To the people who say it has a green tint to it. #1 its $30 - go see what a professional color correct light costs, then complain. #2 Most cameras and camcorders have what is called a "WHITE BALANCE" setting. Auto usually does ok, but if you are getting funky colors, manually set it by holding a piece of WHITE paper in the light you are using, fill the frame and hit 'set' however your camera does it. And presto! The colors should be much more accurate than before. Learn how to use your equipment!

This review is from: Sima SL-20LX Ultra Bright Video Light (Black) (Electronics)
I just got mine a few minutes ago and pulled it out of the packaging. Boy is it light and seems bright to me. I haven't done much testing with it. I have it on the charger now and will give it a workout after I get a full charge on it.

As far as the color it seems warmer than most LED lights. I have a few LED lights (round tent camp light and some flashlights) and it is much warmer than them.

It feels cheap and plasticy which it is but it has a clever design. It comes with a mount for a hot shoe and the shoe is all plastic which I like because you don't have to worry about it shorting out anything on your camera. The bottom of the shoe has a 1/4-20 thread mount too. Granted it is only plastic but the whole thing is so light I don't see this being a problem. The other three sides on the light have a hot shoe slot (well a non hot shoe, just a shoe). This means that you could hook another light to the Sima or several to create a multi-light setup. The lights would work separately so you could switch one light on, both or either one.

The diffuser seems to work quite well.

I could see having a bunch of these to bring with for tricky lighting setups in small areas. Trying to light inside a car this thing would be perfect. Tape on a gell if you need it and use a small suction cup with mini ball head on it or even just stick it on the dash.

- dead simple to use
- amazing bang for the buck
- great light weight and decent run time
- clever design with hot shoes built in and included little flash bracket thing for camera's without a hot shoe that do have a tripod mount

- no dimmer
- non-replaceable battery pack
- no standard battery option (like AA option)

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