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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Harnessing the Power of the Canon EOS 7D's Video System

The Canon EOS 7D is not the first digital SLR to incorporate video recording capability, but it’s arguably a very complete camera for HD video recording. Starting with its CMOS imaging sensor — far larger than the sensors in most high-end professional video cameras, even though it’s not a full-frame sensor — and progressing to its range of features, this camera takes high-quality video recording capability in an SLR and moves it to a new level. This article will serve two purposes: to explain the powerful new EOS Movie features found in the EOS 7D, and to give insight into their use in real-world situations. Whether you’re a serious video shooter who needs the outstanding low-light quality of EOS Movie recording, or a traditional still shooter who wants to record video for a web site, the EOS 7D’s tools will give superb flexibility.

  • Easy-access, external switch for movie mode, and new Start/Stop button for video recording: No more guesswork, or multiple menu settings to switch from stills to video recording
  • AF activated by shutter button: If you want AF, the factory default for the EOS 7D is to just press the shutter button half-way down — the same as you would when shooting stills. AF can be moved strictly to a rear button if you prefer, via the 7D’s extensive new control customization.
  • Manual exposure control during video recording: It’s built-in, right from the get-go. Set the camera to video recording mode, and turn the Mode Dial to “M”. Now set any aperture that’s possible with your lens, any shutter speed from 1/4000th down to 1/30th or 1/60th (depending on frame rate — more in a moment), and any ISO you like from 100 through 6400.
  • Adjustable video frame rates at highest Full HD quality setting: Heavily requested by video enthusiasts, the EOS 7D is Canon’s first digital SLR to offer the video shooter ability to adjust frame rates:
    1920 x 1080 HD: 30 fps (actual 29.97 fps) or 24 fps (actual 23.976 fps); 25 fps in PAL
  • High-speed 60 fps recording at reduced resolution settings:
    1280 x 720 HD: 60 fps (actual 59.94 fps) or actual 50 fps (when set to PAL)
    640 x 480 standard def: 60 fps (actual 59.94 fps) or actual 50 fps in PAL
    Extremely smooth rendering of moving subjects, from athletes in motion to grass or leaves blowing in the wind… if played-back at standard 30 fps, a slow-motion effect is produced; 60 fps video files can easily be edited to TV- and web-standard 30 fps.

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