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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dijual HandyCam : JVC GR-DA30US MiniDV Camcorder with 30x Optical Zoom

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Product Description
Movie stars aplenty. Biographies have evolved from birth through adolescence. All to be viewed on a screen. That's the camcorder generation. Capture your memories on the road or at home with the JVC GR-DA30 US Mini DV Camcorder. Seeking a camcorder? Seek no more! This newly styled JVC camcorder is designed for those who are searching for a fun and slimline camcorder while maintaining a full feature package within. The GR-DA30US boasts a 680,000-Pixel CCD Super High Band Processor for 520 lines of horizontal resolution. The maximum user friendliness is achieved with Power-Linked Operation (always ready to record), Night Alive ( for low-light recording), High Resolution 2.5" Amorphous Silicon LCD Color Monitor, 700X Super Digital Zoom with Spline Interpolation, Digital Picture Stabilizer and Long Time Recording Capability. Got a widescreen HDTV? The Wide (16:9) Mode allows you to shoot high-quality 16:9 aspect ratio video. This widescreen format is typically found in today's flat panel displays. View Standard Definition videos that fill those widescreens. Enjoy the JVC GR-DA30 MiniDV Digital Camcorder. 700X Digital Hyper Zoom with Spline Interpolation 16x9 Squeeze Mode PCM Digital Stereo Audio Iris Lock Wide Mode Manual focus, Exposure, and White Balance modes Black Fader Digital Wipes and Fades High Density Image Recording, Mini DV NTSC (SD specifications) BN-V408U 800 mAh Lithium-ion, High Capacity, rechargeable battery pack Built-in AC Power Adapter/battery charger i.Link Digital Input/Output (IEEE 1394 compliant DV in/out S-Video Output Shoulder strap, AC Adapter and AV output cables 1-year parts, 90 days labor warranty 1.15 LBS. (.52KG); 3.7 INCHES (94MM) x 2.7 INCHES (68.5MM) x 5.63 INCHES (143MM)

Product Details 
High picture quality with 680,000-pixel CCD super High band processor for 520 lines of horizontal resolution
View videos with a high resolution 2.5-inch amorphous silicon LCD color monitor
Features a digital picture stabilizer and long time recording capability
Always ready to record with the user-friendly Power-Linked Operation
Includes Night Alive for improved low-light recording


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