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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

VASST Sony Vegas Pro DVD Instructional Series

I have the entire 10 DVD VASST Absolute Training Series for Sony Vegas Pro editing suite.  This retails for $329 and the version on the VASST site discontinued two of the DVDs, which I still have!  This is for 100% the very last full 10 DVD course you will find in one package and WAY below retail.
I am selling it on Ebay to make for a legal and safe and protected transaction for both buyer and seller.  It is listed now through Sunday for only $240.  These DVDs sell individually for $59 each.
Mint condition, original DVD cases included, all working great!  Applies to newest version of Vegas 10 as well as older versions.
Absolute Training for Sony Vegas Series of Training DVDs from VASST
gives you more! This is a living library of training DVDs, expanding to
provide training that you want, when you want it, on the subjects you
want to learn more about. Now you can get all eight volumes for one low
Vol. 1
This DVD Contains:
  • Setup
  • GUI Overview
  • Setting Preferences
  • Capture
  • Basic Editing
  • Adding titles
  • Using Transitions
Bonus Chapter:
  • FASST Start guide- Captuer to Render in 20 Minutes!
Absolute Training for Vegas+DVD, Vol. 2
This DVD Contains:
  • Using Pan/Crop
  • Building Slideshows
  • Adding Track Motion
  • Rendering for DVD's
  • Using Opacity and Blending
  • Understanding keyframes
  • Web output
And Much More...
Absolute Training for Vegas+DVD, Vol. 3
This DVD Contains:
  • Workspace overview
  • Importing media
  • Menu Templates and Buttons Using Text Masks
  • Using Text masks
  • Building slideshows
  • Music/Video Compilations
Bonus Chapter:
  • FASST Start Guide- get started in 25 minutes
Absolute Training for Vegas+DVD, Vol. 4
This DVD Contains:
  • Color Theory
  • Calibrating a consumer monitor
  • Calibrating a Broadcast monitor
  • Repairing exposure problems/Levels
  • Using the Waveform monitor
  • Using Curves tools
  • Using Masks for Color Correction
  • Primary Color Correcton
  • Secondary Color Correction
  • Repairing noisy images
  • Creating light(s)
  • Adding contrast/pop
  • MORE!
BONUS plugins, presets, tutorials
Absolute Training for Vegas+DVD, Vol. 5
This DVD Contains:
  • Removing Sibilance
  • Pulling Plosives
  • Zapping Glitches
  • Removing Hum
  • Reducing Subsonic Noises
  • Repairing Reverberant Rooms
  • Noise Prevention Techniques
  • Using Noise Gates
  • Building Audio Masks
  • Using Third-Party tools
Extras include:
  • Free VST Audio plugin tools
Absolute Training for Vegas+DVD, Vol. 6
This DVD Contains:
  • Opening
  • Highlight masks
  • Picture Compilation
  • Crop/Adjust Tool
  • Photoshop Layers as Masks
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Graphic Subtitles
  • And More...
Absolute Training for Vegas+DVD, Vol. 7
This DVD Contains:
  • Intro
  • Overview
  • Rearranging Columns
  • Setting Options
  • Create A Media Library
  • Import Media from Filesystem
  • Using the Reference Library
  • Searching Sony Reference Library
  • Saving your Tags
  • Choose a New Thumbnail
  • Searching
  • Match All vs Match Any
  • Not Equal To
  • Keyword Search
  • Clear a Query
  • Advanced Searching
  • Search from Columns
  • Advanced Tagging
  • Removing Tags from Media
  • Deleting tags
  • Changing Tag Icons
  • Creating and Using Palettes
  • Working with Off-line Media
  • Updating Files That Have Moved
  • Fixing Broken Links
  • Troubleshooting
  • Clean Reinstall
  • Wrap Up
Absolute Training for Vegas+DVD, Vol. 8
This DVD Contains:
  • Multi-cam tools
  • ProType Titler tools
  • New signage controls and setups
  • New Audio Mixing Console
  • New Video Previewing tools
  • Blu-ray™ Support
  • XDCAM™ Support
  • Much more
Absolute Training for Vegas+DVD, Vol. 9
This DVD Contains:
  • Setting Preferences
  • Using the presets
  • Overview of the Three Main Tabs
  • Text Block Properties
  • Effects
  • Bonus Chapter: 15 minute FASST Start Guide
  • Layout
  • Understanding keyframes
  • Motion Paths
  • Bezier curves
  • Using Parent/child
  • Understanding Cascades
  • Tips/Tricks
  • Building backgrounds of solid color
  • Drag n' drop to word processor
  • Cascades
  • And More...
Absolute Training for Vegas + DVD Vol. 10
This DVD Includes:
  • Compositing Toolbox
  • Compositing Modes
  • Basic video FX compositing tools
  • Track Motion and Pan/Crop
  • Parent Child Tracks
  • Selective Blur Composite
  • Alpha channel property modes
  • Reflecting Composites
  • Mattes and Masks
  • Pan/Crop Bezier masking (Rotoscoping)
  • Lower 3rds DIY
  • Generated Media and Track Motion
  • Custom Composite Modes
  • BONUS: Chroma Keying
  • BONUS: Alpha Channel Render
  • And More...

  Absolute Training from VASST is a revolutionary approach to software training, designed as a living library of resources, created by editors for editors. Absolute Training for Sony Vegas Pro offers instruction from the Sony Vegas Pro Dream Team including Douglas Spotted Eagle, John Rofrano, Glenn Chan, and others. Evolving with new techniques, products and trends, Absolute Training from VASST makes high-level learning
fasster than ever.

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