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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Multicam Editing for All

Multicam editing is becoming more popular as software programs adopt tools that make the process much easier. Now just about anyone with a prosumer level video editing suite can do accurate multicam edits with little stress.
Multicam editing is perfect for producing video at live events, such as wedding, sporting events, recitals, graduations, plays, etc. Wherever there's an opportunity to shoot a lot of footage in one continuous flow, and the event is rather large, (thus the need of multiple cameras to get good coverage), or when you simply have more than one camera at your disposal, multicam editing is ideal. Multi-cam editing can save you a great amount of time by running through the video in real-time and making your edits as you go.

Accurate Color Is Key

Often times the footage you're editing is shot on different cameras or perhaps there's a slight difference in the colors between video footage from one camera compared to the other. White balance issues are very common. Usually you can spot this problem fairly quickly if the white balance is significantly off. Other times you may need to compare footage where, ideally a white object is in the frame, like a white tee shirt or even better a white bounce card. Compare the footage and see if the white object appears to be more blue or orange in either footage reels. This will tell you if the white balance is off between cameras. There are several remedies to fix the issue. For example if camera B's footage has a blueish tint to it, you could use a color filter and drop the Blue level slightly until the blue tint is gone. The same technique would apply for footage that has a warm tone. Simply apply a color balance filter to the footage and drop down the Red level until the red tint disappears. Most video editing software suites have an RGB color balance filter that lets you adjust these values independently. Make sure to observe each camera's footage carefully and ideally against the same object under the same lighting conditions (this is where running a few seconds of a white bounce board at the beginning of a shoot is especially hel… Read More

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