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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fun and Entertaining Vacation Videos

Fun and Entertaining Vacation Videos
Vacation videos don't have to bore your viewers - you just need to understand how to edit while you're shooting on location.
Do you cringe when friends ask if you want to see their vacation videos? You're a video producer and you know how to make videos entertaining. But some people have trouble making the vacation videos interesting.
Seriously, how many rock structures can one shoot, and how many castles can one show before they blend together and the viewers' eyes glaze over? As a Videomaker reader, you know better, so here are a few quick tips to share with your friends before they head out of town. Tell them to test your tricks and that you can't wait to see what they learned when they return. Or not.

1. Plan Before You Shoot

Before hitting that red record button, focus and compose the shot. Are you cutting off someone's head? Does a group shot cut someone in half? Check the background - is garbage spilling out of a trash can? Can you move it? If not, can you move the subject? If not can you move the camera?
What about lighting - is the subject backlit? Can you move the light source? If not, can you move the subject or the camera?
Backlit subjects are common in vacation videos - everyone wants to get a shot of the sunset in the background of some exotic locale. Place people so they are near the side of screen with light in their faces and the sunset filling the other two-thirds of the shot. The lighting will be better balanced and you're also practicing good rule-of-thirds composition by placing your subject on the imaginary points of a tic-tac-toe grid, rather than in the crosshairs of a rifle … READ MORE

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