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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tips for Making Professional Looking Interviews

From having only one camcorder at your disposal to preparing your interview subject, these tips used by the pros can help you record a professional interview that resemble those you find on television news shows and documentaries.

You want to create an interview that will have the look and feel of a professional studio production with multiple cameras and graphics. But you only have one camera. It can be done. Remember in creating video, the viewers' perception is more important than the reality. And we create our own reality for the camera. It doesn't matter if it's an interview that will air on television or just your grandparents telling stories to document your family history. Both are important and need to have visual appeal as well as interesting dialogue to hold the viewers' interest.
We are accustomed to the cuts from interviewee to interviewer as they speak and cutaways that help tell the story. Our society has become very visually literate. We have been programmed by commercial television and will quickly become bored by a static one-camera interview. By static, I mean that the camera is mounted on a tripod, focused and framed before the event starts and the camera angle is never changed during the interview.

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